Past Events
Sara Raza Khan In Germany


In March 2014, Sara ticked off another couple of offshore destinations on the map where the singer with moonlight in her throat cast her spell on the audience with unbelievably precise and resonating aalaaps and loaches.

After dazzling Frankfurt with a spell binding performance, Sara's next stop was Berlin where Diplomatischer Stammtisch – working under the patronage of the German Federal Foreign Ministry, in collaboration with the Berlin chapter of Pakistan Embassy, organized a Fusion Music Concert at the auspicious occasion of Pakistan National Day, at the Technische Universität Berlin.

A locally based multicultural group of musicians opened the show and entertained the audience with a fusion of instrumental music from the classics of Pakistan and the West. Then came in Sara with her team of musicians who took the stage to engage, enthrall, and enormously energize the audience. To say that the performance was enjoyable and entertaining – without using an "extremely" with a capital "E", would be a blasphemous understatement of the year!

Familiar renditions of mystic poetry of Sufi Saints form Punjab and Sindh with the earthy undertones rich with scent of love, expectedly won huge rounds of applause. But what was more exciting was the singer's spontaneity and her ability to make the audience dance to her tunes, literally.

Amidst clapping hands and dancing feet on the tunes of Dhamal, one could spot quite a few dignitaries. German Special Envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Mr. Michael Koch graced the event in the capacity of the Chief Guest. Members of the German Parliament, senior representatives of office of the President, the Chancellor's Office, Foreign Office and diplomats were among the guests besides a large number of cross sections of German society and Pakistani expatriates.

Alternating and interweaving her tunes from sufi to folk, Sara kept her audience thoroughly enthralled. To perform before an audience is one thing and to involve or engage them with music so as they become a part of the experience is quite another and Sara did so with masterful ease. It's quite a rare spectacle to see an artist never leave the stage and yet fire up a formally dressed up gentry audience as the Hall number 0105 at Technische Universität Berlin witnessed on this eve of March 27th, 2014.

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