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Sangeet at wedding with Sara Raza Khan

he subcontinent is embracing a new age where the concept of marriages is just going beyond the usual 'grand wedding'. As extravagance translates into the evolving culture, it is quite evident that the weddings are getting bigger than ever.
From the dazzling couple to the magnificent venue to the grand event details making weddings a truly lavish affair, let us unfold the secret to ease out in an all charged up environment of strenuous activities … the Sangeet Night!

In the royal backdrop of an upscale wedding, Sangeet Night has assumed an altogether new avatar – a night packed between that of the traditional routinely functions of the wedding, it is the new "it" thing, no high profile wedding is complete without. In a slew of conventional festivities and pre-wedding ceremonies it is always the wedding couple remaining the cynosure for all the eyes of the guests, camera flashes and demanding 'performances'.

"I've gone to lengths to ensure that the night of my performance at the wedding functions is the perfect relaxation break between all the 'high-on-energy' wedding activities." Sara reflects as people on the bride's as well as groom's side break into impromptu dance routines on traditional, folk or peppy Bollywood songs.

"Shadi" is fast reclaiming its ancient theme of romance and relaxation. And a Sangeet Night in between the shadi functions is the event when the wedding couple seeks to harmonize their frequencies with each other in the back drop of perfect rhythm. What better means to achieve rhythm than to let enticing chords take charge!

So, in a nutshell, the oft shared concern of 'what should one expect when planning out a Sangeet Night?' can be best addressed with: A Sangeet Night with Sara means that the hosts and guests, alike, sit back, uncurl their toes, throw back their heads and sashay away to the peppy numbers and groovy tunes. "I'm there to keep the current flowing, the excitement buzzing!" gushes a visibly fun loving Sara.

She loves to keep the steering wheel to enthrall and excite the audience with the ultimately exciting, heart-pumping exhilaration of amazing foot tapping numbers. As Sara belts out one score after another ranging from authentic traditional Pakistani, to favourite dance numbers from Bollywood, to energizing Bhanga, to melodious Ghazals and soul calming Sufi; one drifts from mood to mood, all the while immersed in the magic of this skillful enchantress of rhythm.

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