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Certain events, as are international conferences & seminars, come with an uncompromised mood of sophistication. The diction clearly dictates that there's nothing to be taken light, and herein lies the catch for the performer conducting the post event musical concert: How to
make the inhibitions vanish, without undermining the class that has been preceding the concert.

A successful singer knows how to make the time stop till nothing exists but the music, the moment and the audience one shares it with. Sara, as the queen of live shows that she is, has successfully morphed into a professional performer par excellence – the reason she has become the choicest performer for any impact-making grand event.
Pakistan Foundry Association

Tirelessly working for the growth of the foundry industry in Pakistan, by improving skills and up graduation of technology, specifically focusing on the SME sector is the Pakistan Foundry Association, PFA. With accelerated efforts in developing the local foundry sector for export markets, PFA has eventually ensured that Pakistan is now set to grow as a producer and exporter of castings heavy machinery (Cement, Sugar, Textile, Fertilizer and Chemical etc.) expecting high growth in the auto sector, tractor industry, agriculture machinery track and bus sectors.
With these laurels under its belt, Pakistan Foundry Association organized 5th International Foundry Congress & Exhibition (IFCE) in December 2014, to provide an opportunity to interact with the international buyers and customers for the up graduation of technology and make business alliances. The inaugural session chaired by the Governor of Punjab Mr. Muhammad Sarwar was followed by an international Scientific/Technical Paper Presentation Session, Energy Management Workshop and an International Exhibition of local machinery, foreign industries, foundry SUPPLIERS and service providers. A massive success of an event attended by thousands of people from the technology sector from all across the globe, 5th IFCE proved to be the best among the last five such events in last 10 years.

At the conclusion of the event, PFA hosted a Gala Night for its select foreign delegates and guests. The auspicious occasion was conducted by Sara Raza Khan, the singer with the unique prowess that best reflects the musical diversity of this region.
While Sara effortlessly created the perfect musical atmosphere for the international dignitaries, the relaxed rejuvenating night definitely provided a unique opportunity for the music to contribute directly to the event success.

Radiology Society of Pakistan

The 30th Annual Radiology Conference, organised by the Radiology Society of Pakistan (RSP) at Pearl Continental, Lahore on 21-22 February, 2015 was a magnificent event of the health care sector. The grand conference followed by a massive exhibition of a broad array of products which deliver to the requirements and needs of healthcare providers today, took off in a lofty manner by conducting a couple of pre-conference workshops on 20th February, 2015.

The conference with its focus upon medical education in radiology and research aimed to further the knowledge and expertise of medical professionals marked a crucial milestone for the healthcare professionals with the Paper presentations attended by local as well as international attendees.

The exhibition presented different diagnostic equipments which included Computed Tomography scanners, Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines, Ultrasound systems and Nuclear Medicine systems among others. Thousands of visitors including doctors, radiologists, cardiologists and support staff visited the exhibition and were visibly impressed by the latest technology and ease of use of the products displayed.

As the saying goes: "Where words leave off, music begins"
Thus to celebrate the successful 2-days Conference, the event concluded with a Musical Night with Sara Raza Khan. Groomed to the fullest to take any size and caliber of an event head on, Sara bears the unique ability to develop each performance into a memorable success story.

"There's no high like witnessing how your art brings ecstasy to your audience', Sara admits sheepishly. Being equally adept in all styles of music including Classical, Filmy, Folk, Sufi, Pop and Ghazal, Sara takes it upon herself to paint the musical night in all shades of melody.

As Sara left with a lot of love and praises, the reluctant-to-disperse audience left with their hearts wanting for more. Even when the performance had come to an end, the hall seemed to buzz, the combined result of the elation the singer induced and the hyper-active and energetic audience relishing the evening.

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